M Lovell

In January 2010 I herniated a disk in my neck. Frightened by the prospect of surgery, I wanted to try everything before I was out of options. Being an orthodontist, I have to bend and turn my neck all day, so my neck was hindering my work ability. After hearing how acupuncture helped some of my relatives, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! Wendy is welcoming, calming, and extremely knowledgeable. After my first session, I noticed the stiffness had subsided after a week. After approximately 4-5 sessions in a row, and then a few after that about a month apart, the stiffness is gone and I can turn my head without limitation. This occured while I was still working full time! If you are hesitant to try acupuncture, don't be. Wendy will put your mind at ease, focus on your problem, and help you with anything else you may need. I will continue to do acupuncture to keep my physical and mental well being balanced.