Updated Acupuncture Website

Welcome to the updated acupuncture website for Phoenix Rising Acupuncture!  We have made many updates to the old website.  You will have easier access to schedule or change your own appointment, learn interesting facts about Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Food Healing through our Blog Posts, and have the ability to share this information with your friends, family, and coworkers.  Acupuncture is attaining more popularity in the Western culture through successful research trials as well as positive testimonials from skeptical acupuncture patients.  Please SHARE this website information with others.   There are many people struggling with chronic illness who need to add a different approach to healing.  This will allow them to attain a better quality of life.


  1. Steve Soler

    I’m looking forward to seeing this blog grow with content. I wanted to be the first to subscribe. 🙂

    Nice work Wendy. You’re a blogger now!

    1. Wendy Haskell (Post author)

      Thank you Steve Soler of Soler Enterprises for using your talents and ingenuity to design a more informative and useful/user friendly website! It will help me keep my clients informed of new discoveries and applications for acupuncture as well as new Chinese Medicine techniques for those difficult cases. Also, scheduling online is much easier. YOU did a great job!

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