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Acupuncture for Balanced Wellness…..What’s in Your Carton?

If you’re like most people, you open the egg carton to check for broken eggs before buying them at a grocery store.  You will usually find one or two eggs broken in a carton. You render the carton useless and just move on to another until you find a full carton of unbroken eggs.

Why must you go through the process of opening each carton?  Because you can’t tell anything about the contents of the carton by simply looking at the outside packaging.  Every carton looks identical on the outside, yet they can be very different on the inside.

The body is like our egg carton.  It is often so good at compensating for health imbalances, we may look fine on the outside but may have masked underlying health problems or symptoms on the inside.  If left undetected, these imbalances lead to :

  • Chronic Sickness
  • Degenerative Changes
  • Disease

When it comes to our health, we’ve been taught that what you see and feel is what you get.  If things look okay on the outside and you don’t have any symptoms, you must be health, right? We’ve come to learn that this is not the case.  Many diseases and disorders such as cancer and heart disease have no symptoms or warning signs on the outside until the sickness is well into the advanced stage.  Imbalances within your body’s mechanisms are no different.

Energy Meridian imbalances are known as “silent problems”.  They often go undetected because many times they are:

  • Painless
  • Reveal few outward signs or symptoms
  • Occur so gradually in terms of symptoms, that we get use to them or pass them off as “unimportant”or “age”

If there are enough “cracked eggs” in a carton, and they are left inside long enough, eventually they will begin to soak through and reveal themselves-too late.

The only way to know for certain whether or not you have meridian imbalances is to either wait for your carton to soak through, or open the carton and look inside with an acupuncture examination.  An acupuncture exam starts when you walk through the door.  Most examinations are so passive, you wouldn’t even know that aspect of yourself is being analyzed.  Key examinations include:

  • Chinese Facial Diagnosis
  • Chinese Eye Diagnosis
  • Stature/Gate/Movement Analysis
  • Voice Analysis
  • Odor Analysis
  • Mood Analysis
  • Pulse Exam
  • Tongue Exam
  • Hara Diagnosis

All of these exams give clues in Chinese Medicine as to how your body and energy channels are working.  These exams can catch imbalances within your body systems before you are aware of them.  This is why I recommend occasional maintenance visits even when you feel well.  This is called a “Tune Up” or Balanced Wellness.  I use acupuncture points to bring your body back into balance and help your body’s systems work better.  This allows you to enjoy your life more and strengthen your body’s ability to fend off the stress which create these imbalances, such as:

  • Work Stress
  • Pollution
  • Poor Diet
  • Excess Alcohol/Tobacco
  • Physical Stress
  • Emotional Stress

So, if you wouldn’t take a chance on a $3.00 carton of eggs, you certainly shouldn’t risk your most precious and priceless commodity:  YOUR HEALTH!











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