Theory of Acupuncture

The theory of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine itself comes from Taoism. Taoism gives a picture of human life in a holistic view where forces such as geographical, climatic, and seasonal changes, stressors and conditions have the ability to affect each person differently depending on a person’s ability to adapt to such stressors and conditions. Taoism describes how our way of life and our environment affect our health.

Examples of modern way of life and environmental forces include: diet, exercise, pollution, toxins in food, air, water, family stress, job stress, physical strain and overwork. The Taoist theory involves the balance of Yin and Yang, and Qi and Blood in the body for health. These are the four basic elements within the body which play an important role in maintaining balance so that the body is not susceptible to the environmental forces which may create an imbalance with subsequent disease condition.

The theory of Acupuncture is to balance these elements, therefore clearing the symptoms of disease as well as the physical element of disease. Acupuncture is also used as a wellness program to maintain balance of these elements and therefore health.