Acupuncture Testimonials

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I was a bit skeptical when trying acupuncture for the first time but was very lucky to locate Wendy Haskell, a most sincere and professional individual who is quite[...]

J. B.

I have had a chronic heavy menstrual cycle for years. After the first treatment with Wendy, my menses has improved greatly with no more cramps as well as other benefits.

J. B.

I am truly amazed by this ancient practice. I came to Wendy because I was struggling with severe depression and was reluctant to go back on anti-depressants (which have[...]

R. F.

Since starting treatment with Wendy, I feel like a new person. My appetite is lower, my energy levels are higher, my concentration and focus are the best they have been[...]


I received immediate results working with Wendy Haskell of Phoenix Rising Acupuncture. I met Wendy because I had a sudden back problem that was affecting my productivity[...]