Acupuncture Testimonials

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James Leonard
Seymour, CT
Life-Changing Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be helpful for an abundant amount of reasons. For myself, this has been an amazing experience thus far for pain, relaxation and improved sleep habits.[...]

Sue Wilson
Southbury, CT

I went to Wendy after having extensive neck fusion surgery, I was in pain, with limitation of movement. I had exhausted PT. I had never experienced acupuncture, and[...]

Jackie Pikulski

I went to Wendy for my allergies and for arthritis in my thumbs. I was really happy with how she helped me with my allergies, but I'm so greatfull to her for my[...]

Peg T
Great Professional

I am a caretaker who has bone on bone arthritis in both shoulders. I have tried everything but replacement surgery. I went to Wendy and the first treatment mad a[...]

Thomas k. Markman

I've heard accounts of acupuncture helping to heal ailments. I do not have any ailments. I am 27 and healthy. However, I pursued acupuncture to better my self even more,[...]